A trendy decorative concrete choice for residential properties across Brisbane, exposed aggregate has many benefits including durability, aesthetically varied and elegant, non-slip, and low maintenance. In a nutshell, those qualities are what make exposed aggregate a favourite for homes across Brisbane.

This article looks further into why exposed aggregate is so popular, what areas of the house it is usually used in, including patios, driveways, and pool surrounds. The article also looks at the disadvantages that having exposed aggregate can have, in the hopes of helping you make an informed decision on your choice of concrete finish.

Why choose exposed aggregate for your concrete finish?

Exposed aggregate boasts many advantages that will surely get your attention. Trusted in the construction game for a long time now, exposed aggregate is a top material used for many Brisbane properties. Exposed aggregate is a finish obtained by removing the upper layer of cement, revealing classic textured surface underneath. Here are some reasons why homeowners love exposed aggregate:

Low Maintenance. Many think that exposed aggregate might be a little tricky to clean due to the texture. In addition to its sturdiness, exposed aggregate is surprisingly low maintenance with regular sweeping, power washing, and resealing (recommended every 1-5 years) is all that is required to keep your concrete looking great. Hence, the reason why many contractors recommend this for practical reasons.

Traction. Worrying about your tots and seniors’ safety? Exposed aggregate has a naturally stubby finish, increasing the traction on the flooring, even when it is raining or in pool surrounds where traction is particularly important.  

Weight Absorption and Durability. Busy driveways and traffic of varying weights? Even with heavy vehicles on your driveway, the exposed aggregate finish is excellent for keeping up the weight demands of your daily activities. 

Aesthetic. The days of plain old boring concreting slabs are long gone! With exposed aggregate, you don’t have to hold back on your creativity. Talk to your local North Brisbane concreters about the design solutions they might have to match the feel of your home.

Common areas in a home to have exposed aggregate

If you’re after durability, traction, and aesthetics, then exposed aggregate is a good option for your property, It is commonly seen installed on areas like pools surrounds, driveways, pathways and patios. Others would easily jump to the conclusion that if they chose exposed aggregate for a space, then the rest of the property should follow suit. You can actually get creative, making it an accent to your house’s aesthetic rather than have exposed aggregate as the main concrete throughout your home, the choice is yours.

You may have noticed that many council public areas and walkways have exposed aggregate surfaces, with a big advantage being the non slip surface which reduced the risk of accidents and liability.

Downsides of exposed aggregate

Like every material, there will be a disadvantage of opting for this over another material, all must be taken into consideration during the planning stage. To balance your perspective before getting exposed aggregate for your property, here are some reminders about its cons. 

Difficulty in repairing. Due to the natural aesthetics that this finish has, it is difficult to match or replicate at a later time if a large repair needs to be done, it is recommended to seal it from time to time to protect it from stains and black mould. Don’t wait in resolving minor issues because it might further damage your exposed aggregate. Keep in mind that the design of your exposed aggregate might be a little harder to replicate because the texture and finish are different every time. Seek professional assistance for repair issues, but for minor repairs or if done well, it is hardly noticeable even on driveways.

More expensive than standard concrete. Since you will be shifting to a more durable and complex concrete material, it does entail higher budget needs.  There will be more steps involved and the materials will cost more than average. But fret not, your savings will thank you for investing in a quality material that lasts for a long time, withstanding harsh elements like the weather and daily activities.


Taking your property aesthetic to the next level isn’t as hard or as expensive as it has been in the past. With all the style hacks and trusted construction materials like exposed aggregate concrete, the choice is up to you on how you can liven up your space while being smart in choosing the materials.

For affordable professional exposed aggregate solutions for your patio, driveway, pool surrounds, shed, or concrete slabs for other projects, our team provides you with options that will stand the test of time and are worth every cent. Call (07) 3132 3788 for a free inspection and quotation for your space.

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