Installing a pool can be a great investment, especially in a climate like Brisbane. A well kept swimming pool will undeniably upgrade your property in both value and usability of your land. When deciding on the dimensions of your pool, the materials used in the pool as well as surrounding it, you will have many options to choose from. You’ll also need to consider how you can make your pool most enjoyable and accessible year round, while ensuring functionality and safety for everyone who will use the area as well as balancing the aesthetics.

There are various pool surrounds to choose from for your home, but in this article, we will discuss how concrete pool surrounds can transform your construction vision into reality. 

Water-resistant and durability

Let’s admit it: it’s not sunshine all year round for Brisbane, although for a lot of the year, it is. The weather brings with it harsh external factors such as tropical storms, strong winds, and strong UV rays,  all of which beat down on your outdoor area around the clock.

Since the pool area is prone to water drops and moisture, the aforementioned factors are the major reasons that contribute to the deterioration of pool decking, especially if protective coats are compromised over time. Water pooling also occurs, especially when drainage is not properly installed. Cracks could also begin to show over time as a result of less than ideal curing conditions or heavy objects falling on concrete surfaces. Concrete pool decking, such as exposed aggregate, could be modified to withstand chlorine, other chemicals, and even saltwater!

Pools are inevitably exposed to moisture from the pool itself or weather, therefore it is critical that whatever material you chose for your pool surrounds is water resistant, durable and heavy duty when it comes to being weather proof.

No fuss maintenance

Too busy for constant cleaning? Concrete is one of the lowest maintenance materials you can choose for your pool decking. Wear and tear is inevitable, no matter if your concrete is brand new or decades old. With no gaps or grout lines to worry about, concrete pool decks could be cleaned thoroughly with a power washer once a year. But if you want that squeaky, gleaming look, regular hosing down and sweeping around the area do the trick. Depending on the frequency and the proximity of the pool to dirt, these determine the need for cleaning. Contact your trusted concreters Brisbane north to find out more about installing concrete around your pool.

concrete pool deck surround brisbane northside


First things first – budget is the often the first consideration for home owners when it comes to construction. If your project is improvement or repair, a concrete pool deck is indeed the best option for you. Concrete is already readily available in the market (no need to worry about the supply!) and even though it isn’t the cheapest material on the market, in the long term with such low maintenance and replacement needs, the cost will even out. Compare the pricing of other decking materials such as tiles or wood — you might be spending more for a material that would cost you more repairs the end. No need to worry about how to make your budget and aesthetic harmonious, because concrete pool decking’s a total package.


Say bye to old boring concrete styles! Go for durability without compromising your creativity using concrete for your pool surrounds. Customise your concrete pool decking with materials like exposed aggregate which are customisable to your own liking: from hues to the texture, finish, and combination of the two. Concrete can be modified to the aesthetic that could accentuate your home to the next level with endless design options with concrete pool decking.


Above all the reasons we listed prior, safety is still the top priority in choosing construction materials. Needless to say, concrete pool surrounds offer the security that you want for your loved ones. 

A proactive way to ensure better safety around the pool. Concrete pool decking, especially exposed aggregate, adds more grip and traction, eradicating the chances of slipping or nasty accidents.


Versatility, longterm savings, durability safety and functionality meet when you use a concrete pool deck. There are other options for your pool decking such as composite, timber, pavers and more. We may be biased but we think concrete is the superior choice.

Concrete Brisbane Northside is here to help you dive into the transformation of your property with a dream pool. We also do driveways, patios, walkways, sheds slab concreting. We offer professional solutions that meet your style and budget. Free quotation and inspections in the Northside suburbs. Call (07) 3132 3788 for an onsite quote.

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